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Billy Wiz - 28th August 2003  
Ric Drasin - 25th August 2003  
Colin Hayes - 19th July 2003  
Paul Nowak - 16th July 2003  
Eric Reynolds - 16th June 2003  
Daryl Cagle - 7th June 2003  
Al Isaacs - 7th June 2003  
Tony Rafty - February 2003  
Tony Rafty - Caricaturist and Australian National Treasure  
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Shane Warne  
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Dr. Sketchy's Rainy Day Colouring Book  
Art On The Edge, by Billy Wizz (Publicist: Greg "Gaming Man" Tingle)  

Greg "Media Man" Tingle, by Billy "Wiz"

Greg Tingle, by Ric Drasin